DAB - E.SYBOX Electronic Water Pressure System (727958)

Model: 727958

E.Sybox by DAB solves the problem of maintaining consistent, constant water pressure in your hydro pump system across several rooms and installations, from a distance or to an elevated area. The E.Sybox is a compact booster pump that's about 30% smaller than traditional pump and controller systems. At 45dB (decibels) it's whisper quiet. E.Sybox only uses the power necessary to provide the pressure and flow needed making it highly energy-efficient and E.Sybox can be mounted horizontally or vertically depending on your needs/space requirements. If multiple E.Sybox units are in use, an integrated wireless communication system allows the units to communicate with the other pumps for easy monitoring. State-of-the-art engineering results in an intelligent, compact design from a world leader in pump technology with more than 35 years of market experience and producing in excess of 2 million motor-driven pumps annually. We're proud to be the first to offer this incredible technology and product line to indoor gardeners in North America.


  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • Sound-proofed ABS plastic housing
  • Antivibration feet
  • Water-cooled motor eliminates noise generated by the traditional cooling fans.
  • Electronics ensures constant pressure in relation to the flow rate.
  • Super simple installation
  • LCD 70x40 mm high-resolution adjustable for easy reading in the various installations.
  • High level of serviceability with easy to access tech compartment.


  • 360W @ 120V/60Hz
  • +3 bar @ 12L/min
  • Multi-stage self-priming up to 8 meters
  • 45dB noise level under full load.
Weight: 24 lb.
Dimensions: 18in. × 11in. × 13in.
List Price: $1,895.95