Fast Fit - Tray Stand 4ft x 8ft (706124)

Model: 706124

Our experienced research and development team designed and engineered interlocking components that simply slide together, while maintaining excellent stability. Only after the heavy duty steel framed FAST FIT - Light & Tray Stands passed endurance tests, did it earn the "Toolless Seal of Approval".

The unique patented FAST FIT is the only LIGHT & TRAY STAND on the market that easily assembles in minutes without tools. Ordinary LIGHT & TRAY STANDS require fumbling around with nuts and bolts, while FAST FIT uses the "no hassle" SIMPLE INTERLOCKING TECHNOLOGY. Toolless assembly light and tray stands fit all popular brand tray sizes.

Heavy duty 4' x 8' quick assembly tray stand. Absolutely no tools required. Can be assembled in 5 minutes or less. Accommodates all popular brand trays and reservoirs. Patent Pending 13#/136657

Tray sold separately.

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Weight: 78.25 lb.
Dimensions: 54in. × 17in. × 6.5in.
List Price: $249.95