Dramm One Touch Shower & Stream Sprayer - Blue (12/Cs) (708972)

Model: 708972

The One Touch™ Shower & Stream™ gives you complete and total water flow control with just one touch of your thumb. Thus eliminating the strain from squeezing in order to turn the water on and off – Especially great for arthritic hands! The One Touch™ Shower & Stream™ has two pattern options: Shower, a cascading flow of fine water droplets that will not harm your plants; and Stream, a concentrated jet – powerful enough to wash even the muddiest sidewalks. The One Touch™ Shower & Stream™ fits comfortably in your hand, is made with heavy-duty metal. Lifetime guarantee to the consumer.

Weight: 0.75 lb.
Dimensions: 4.3in. × 1.6in. × 0.9in.
List Price: $19.95