Hydro-Logic Evolution RO1000 (728992)

Model: 728992

Hydro-logic Evolution RO1000 achieves the highest flow rates from the most efficient RO system on the planet! Capable of producing more than 1,000 GPD or 42 gallon per hour of pure water. Remove 95+ of all parts per million from your tap water. The Evolution RO1000 saves more water by running 2:1 waste to product water ratio. Includes custom KDF/Catalytic carbon filter for reduction of chlorine, chloramines, iron, sulfur and heavy metals - great for city or well water. Comes with all the necessary components for simple and quick setup. Welcome to the evolution of Reverse Osmosis.

* Everything included in the box to start producing bottled quality water!

Weight: 26 lb.
Dimensions: 11in. × 17in. × 20in.
List Price: $799.95