GrowoniX XL-SCRUB 7 GPM Scrubber (741750)

Model: 741750

Our biggest scrubber with a flow rate of 7 GPM/420 GPH! The XL Scrubber has proven to be the perfect solution in a multitude of conditions. Great for whole house filtration, farms, homes, industry, etc... The XL-SCRUB with it's ultra low pressure drop and 34,000 gallon capacity is great for filtering wells. A pair of stainless steel liquid filled pressure gauges inform when it's time to change filters.

The XL Scrubber can be upgraded with a UV filter to remove 99.9% of micro-organisms. This is especially important for well-water use, as wells often are suffused with bacteria and other harmful microbes.

Weight: 15 lb.
Dimensions: 16in. × 7in. × 15in.
List Price: $439.95