GrowoniX GX1000HF RO 1000 GPD Reverse Osmosis System (741720)

Model: 741720

Designed to flow 42 GPH (Gallons Per Hour) of pure RO water with an astounding 1:1 ratio—High flow rates and water savings never before seen in a package so affordable and durable. Utilizing the best membrane technology in the world, mounted on locking casters, and wrapped in our GX Series patented bracketing system, our premier flagship is a mobile powerhouse. A pair of liquid-filled stainless steel pressure gauges informs when it’s time to change the pre-filters. A manual flush valve allows you to clean the membrane, purging out pollutants that could otherwise add build-up to the system.

Growonix GX Systems Feature:

  • High Flow Cold Water membrane elements 1:1 or 2:1 system ratios - The most efficient in the industry!
  • Electrogalvanized powder coated steel brackets
  • Membrane flush kit
  • 2.5" stainless steel liquid filled gauges
  • One Eco Green Coconut Carbon filter rated for 16,000 gallons for chlorine/chloramine reduction
  • High Flow pleated sediment filter, completely wash- able and reusable
  • Auto Shutoff Valve: for positive automatic shutoff when using a float valve
  • No additional pre-filters needed!
Weight: 58 lb.
Dimensions: 14in. × 7in. × 15in.
List Price: $1,318.00