Microbe Life - Plus-C Pint ( CA Only) (717618)

Model: 717618
  • Patent Pending Technology
  • Use in Addition to ALL Nutrient & Fertilizer Programs for Maximum Yields.
  • Contains Ecto- & Endomycorrhizal Fungi
  • Hydro or Soil
  • Aquaponics Safe
  • The consortium of cultures contained in this bottle of Plus-C is made up of both Endo- and Ectomycorrhizal fungi plus four Bacillus strains, fermented together in this bottle for over six days.
  • The result is a complete ecosystem in a bottle.

Application Uses: Plus-C may be used indoors/outdoors with all hydroponic, NFT, drip, aeroponic, irrigation and continuous liquid feeding systems.

#717618 for sale in CA only.
#717620 and #717625 for sale in CA and NM only.

Weight: 1 lb.
Dimensions: 2.44in. × 2.44in. × 7.44in.
List Price: $16.95