Green Air Products - Electrode Storage Solution 16oz (12/Cs) (722445)

Model: 722445

Use to store your pH meter electrode between use. This solution is designed to keep your electrode sensing membrane and reference junction clean and unclogged and ready for use. Store you electrode directly in a small cup of solution or saturate a sponge in the cap of your meter for storage between use. This will prevent your permeable glass membrane from becoming dry and from mineral deposits clogging the surface. This solution is designed to equalize the osmotic pressure of the reference solution in your meter junction to keep the reference solution from seeping out and prematurely aging your meter. Should your electrode membrane dry out soak it in this solution for at least two hours before use. NEVER STORE AN ELECTRODE IN DISTILLED OR DEIONIZED WATER.

Weight: 1.2 lb.
Dimensions: 7.75in. × 2.5in. × 2.5in.
List Price: $5.95