Natural Forces - Sucrashield Gallon (4/Cs) (704705)

Model: 704705
SucraShield™ sugar-based Insecticide/Miticide/Ovicide provides fast and sure biochemical control on a wide range of soft-bodied problem pests in the greenhouse and nursery as well as fruits, nuts, mushrooms and vegetables. Based on natural sugar esters, its unique mode of action creates holes in the target pest, causing rapid death from dessication and suffocation.
  • EPA Reg. No. for 704700: 70950-2-84710
  • Not for sale in PR at this time.
  • Experiencing irregular availability.


    Weight: 9.3 lb.
    Dimensions: 7in. × 4.75in. × 10.75in.
    List Price: $149.95