Monterey - Take Down Garden Spray 22oz Rtu (12/Cs) (704602)

Model: 704602
  • A ready-to-use insecticide containing natural pyrethrin plus canola oil.
  • Good replacement for Dursban® or diazinon products.
  • Use on vegetables, fruits, houseplants, ornamentals, etc.
  • Controls aphids, beetles, mealy bugs, caterpillars, plant bugs, etc.
  • Dormant and growing season insect spray.
  • Insecticide from plants for plants.
  • Does not persist in the environment.
  • Kills all stages of insects, including eggs.
  • EPA Reg. No. for RTU 67702-6-54705. EPA Reg. No. for Concentrate 67702-5-54705.
  • Not registered in AL, AR, GA, LA, ND and SD at this time.
  • 704604 is not registered in OK & WY.
Weight: 2.95 lb.
Dimensions: 4in. × 2.25in. × 11.25in.
List Price: $11.49