Cool Sun Reflector 6inch (904150)

Model: 904150

The Ultimate Combination of Cooling & Performance! Air passes easily through both ends of the reflector directly over the lamp for maximum inline air cooling.
• 95% reflective aluminum insert (German Import) offers excellent reflectivity & diffusion properties.
• Tempered glass is included with every fixture.
• Rugged & durable electro-galvanized steel housing.
• Socket assembly & lamp cord are built into the reflector, no wiring required!
• Prolongs life of expensive H.I.D. lamps.
• 6 in. air cooled fittings are integrated into the design of the reflector - no need for separate fittings!
• White powder coating provides a rust resistant, clean appearance.
• Sturdy chrome wire hangers make for easy hanging.
• Sealed reflector won't draw air from inside the room, CO2 stays in place!
• Manufactured to exacting standards to allow minimal air leakage.
• Eliminates excess heat problems.
• Patent Pending.
• Dimensions: 20.5 in. long x 24 in. wide. x 7.5 in. tall

Weight: 27 lb.
Dimensions: 26in. × 28in. × 12in.
List Price: $126.95