Sentinel - BPR-1a Basic Power Relay (Plug Box Version) (BPR-1A PB) (703220)

Model: 703220

The BPR-1a comes in two versions, "Plug Box" and "Wall Mount" -- this version is the Plug Box/PB version.

The BPR-1a Basic Power Relay is designed to allow seamless integration of controllers, devices and equipment in gardens, greenhouses, grow rooms or other environments. The BPR-1a can operate in a Normally OFF mode – where the trigger cable activates attached devices – allowing controllers or timers to operate multiple pieces of equipment or larger amounts of amperage. The BPR-1a can also operate in a Normally ON mode – where the trigger cable turns off attached devices – allowing controllers or timers to coordinate various functions ( for example, turning CO2 equipment off when ventilation fans activate). The (3) function LEDs let users know if the controller has main power, if the controller is in operation, as well as whether the controller trigger cable is activated.

The BPR-1a controller is ETL listed in the USA and Canada, RoHS compliant, and features durable construction built to withstand high impacts and provide years of reliable performance.


  • Comes with 12v DC power adapter to remotely trigger the power relay.
  • Premium Wall Mount version includes 6.5' (2m) grounded power cable, sturdy bracket and mounting hardware.
  • Budget-friendly Plugbox version mounts directly to standard NEMA 5-15 120v receptacle.
  • Backed by the Sentinel GPS full 2 year warranty.


Input Power 120V / 60hz .1A
Output Power 120V / 60Hz 15A 1/3 HP
Power Inlet - Wallmount 6.5' (2m) 14 gauge cable
Power Inlet - Plugbox NEMA 5-15
Temperature Storage Range 15°F(-10°C) to 140°F(60°C)
Operating Modes Normally OFF, Normally ON
Trigger Input 12v DC, 1.2mm Positive Center Pin
Dimensions 4.8" (122mm) H x 2.75" (70mm) W x 4.1" (103.5mm) D
Weight Wallmount 1.6 lbs (0.7kg)
Weight Plugbox 0.7 lbs (0.3kg)
Weight: 0.7 lb.
Dimensions: 4.1in. × 2.75in. × 4.8in.
List Price: $74.95