Hydrodynamics International - 1 Pot Easy2Gro System (707600)

Model: 707600
The AutoPot is a gravity feed self watering planter. Since the system is gravity fed you have no need for a pump. The auto pot single is a 1.93 gallon square pot that is meant to be filled with a 50/50 soilless mix of choice. By connecting the0.25"feeder tube to a reservoir (of any size) placed at a higher elevation than the auto pot, the aqua valve will automatically water the plant as needed allowing “dry” periods so that the plants are not over watered reducing the risk of obtaining root rot and other disease and pest infestations common with over watering. AutoPots are good for use both indoor and outdoor as well as for growing ornamentals or edible plants.

The AutoPot dual is the same as the auto pot single except it is a two plant system. Both square containers are 1.93 gallon that fit into a dual cavity tray providing automatic watering through the same gravity feed concept.

The Easy 2 Grow kit is the same as the AutoPot 2 or Easy 2 Grow Dual PLUS a 12.4 gallon reservoir with a cover. All of the components included in the easy grow kit can be stored inside of the reservoir during off season times.

Weight: 2 lb.
Dimensions: 14.25in. × 10.75in. × 13in.
List Price: $50.00