Hydro-Logic - Merlin Booster Pump (728895)

Model: 728895

This pump is designed to be installed before the Merlin-Garden Pro to boost the inlet pressure. There needs to be at least 40 psi and up to 80 psi of inlet pressure for the Merlin-Garden Pro to function properly. People on wells and other situations of low pressure can benefit greatly from this pump. It boosts the pressure up to 65 psi allowing the Merlin-Garden Pro to run with higher flow and efficiency while having better TDS removal. The 5 diaphragm pump, specifically designed for the Merlin, is a workhorse but runs quietly. Comes with 120v cord and 1/2" quick connect fittings.

Weight: 9.2 lb.
Dimensions: 12.75in. × 6.75in. × 5.75in.
List Price: $349.00