Deep Water Innovations - Oxygen Shield 3 (40-70 Gal) (728512)

Model: 728512

Oxygen Shields are made out a recycled rubber polymer and are designed for years of operation with minimal maintenance. Each Oxygen Shield diffuses air at around 3000 microns or 3 millimeters in diameter. Oxygen Shields come in 5 different sizes and fit up to 70 gallon tanks. The beauty of these manifolds is the low diffusion rate needed to fill the Shield.

  • OS1 is for 10-30 gallon tanks.
  • OS2 is for 20-40 gallon tanks.
  • OS3 is for 40-70 gallon tanks.
  • OS5 is for 5 gallon bucket.

Weight: 2 lb.
Dimensions: 28in. × 23in. × 2in.
List Price: $46.39