General Hydroponics - Rain Forest 66 Modular Complete (706705)

Model: 706705

Modular Aeroponic Cloning / Growing Systems
No hydroponic system exists that will match the performance of the RainForest. It’s perfect for propagating cuttings or for quick starting seeds, seedlings, or transplants. The Vortex Sprayer lifts and oxygenates nutrient solution then gently distributes it over cutting base or root system, giving you the most oxygen in the root zone possible. This system is ideal for starting plants or even for growing plants to maturity and harvest. Many growers choose to start their plants in RainForest modules and later transplant them into larger systems like our WaterFarm. Several RainForest modules can be connected to a Texas Controller for larger installations.

The Rainforest® 66 is a favorite among users who wish to grow medium to large size plants. Vortex® Sprayer lifts and oxygenates the nutrient solution, and then gently distributes it over cutting’s bases or root systems. This system includes: 17-Gallon reservoir with lid, six - 6” lid inserts, Vortex® Sprayer, 6” plastic cups, CocoTek® liners, CocoTek® caps and 3-Part Flora Kit.

Dimensions: 2’L x 2’W x 2’H

Weight: 38 lb.
Dimensions: 23in. × 22.5in. × 26in.
List Price: $291.50