Botanicare - Microgarden Ebb & Flow (706620)

Model: 706620
Hydrogardening is fun, simple, and low maintenance with the Microgarden™. It provides an inexpensive and automated method of providing your plants with optimal levels of water, nutrients, and oxygen for rapid growth rates, higher yields, increased nutritional value, heightened fragrances and flavors. Complete unit includes: 10 gallon reservoir, pump, pots, nutrients, grow substrate, timer and pH kit.

Product Features

  • Durable and sturdy 1/4 white ABS plastic.
  • Large reservoir for a longer duration between reservoir fillings.
  • Premium quality plumbing fittings and recessed bulkhead ports for on/off valve to drain reservoir with ease.
  • Extra deep 7 Grow Tray, Choose your grow media, pot size, and style.
  • One year warranty on trays, pump, and timer.
Weight: 31 lb.
Dimensions: 31in. × 13.75in. × 17in.
List Price: $258.95