Botanicare - 2X8 Side By Side Garden System (707111)

Model: 707111
Introducing the 2' x 8' Side by Side Garden, an expandable side by side 2' x 8' system designed with the serious gardener in mind. With a total footprint of 9' x 5' x 2.5' (base, two tray version) this unit is ideal for use in maintaining an above ground garden indoors or out. This unit uses the top feed drip method to feed the plants and can be set up as a run to waste or recirculating system depending on your needs (overflow reservoir not included). The 2' x 8' Side by Side includes one aluminum frame, two 2' x 8' trays, one 50 gallon EZ Drain reservoir, one submersible pump and one plumbing for drip irrigation. This unit has an expandable option for large runs and the optional light stand (shown in picture) can support 2 lights per unit.
Weight: 32 lb.
Dimensions: 24in. × 96in. × 32in.
List Price: $1,290.00