Botanicare - 2X8 Rolling 2 Tier Garden System (707112)

Model: 707112
Introducing Botanicare's 2' x 8' Rolling Cart™ 2 Tier Garden System. This compact germination and propagation unit stacks two 2' x 8' Low Tide trays to save space. With a total footprint of less than 23 square feet, you can condense a 4' x 9' system's worth of plants into half the space! Designed with retail plant care or the serious gardener in mind, this ebb and flow system includes a 50 gallon reservoir and our industry tested aluminum framing in combination to care for your seedlings or young vegetative plants under florescent lighting (sold separately). Also included are heavy duty casters for mobility, one pump and plumbing, and two 2' x 8' Low Tide trays. The low tide trays make regular feeding of your stock plants in retail setting essentially worry free.
  • Lights sold separately.
Weight: 32 lb.
Dimensions: 24in. × 96in. × 32in.
List Price: $1,595.00