Seeds of Change - Arugula (1Pk = 6Pcs) (720803)

Model: 720803
Seeds of Change currently offer over 600 distinct varieties of 100% organically grown seeds for the home gardener and commercial grower. NGW® has hand selected the top varieties to stock that we believe are conducive to indoor, outdoor and hydroponic gardening. All other Seeds of Change varieties are available by special order. Many varieties represent decades, even centuries, of cultures from around the world who have saved their favorite, most flavorful and nutritious plants. Conserving this invaluable genetic resource, while contributing to the knowledge of sustainable organic agriculture and gardening techniques, is central to the mission of Seeds of Change. Seeds now offer a 2 year expiration date. Seed packets are not returnable.
  • Seed packets are sold only in increments of 6.

Weight: 0.48 lb.
Dimensions: 5.5in. × 3.5in. × 0.25in.
List Price: $3.29