OxyClone 20 Site System (706555)(OX20SYS)

Model: 706555

Quality manufactured materials at a price you can afford.

The oxyCLONE was developed by a mid aged couple to clone an herb from Thailand. It is a blend of East and West ideas with over 3 years of developing, building, refining, rigorous testing, and sales. Thousands of machines were placed throughout the country through hydroponics shops. The goal has always been to provide an affordable and simple system that anyone can use. Quality manufactured materials at a price you can afford.

The OxyClone 20 site cloner works on the principle of re-circulating super oxygenated water created by the OxyHead. The OxyHead draws in oxygen from the atmosphere and produces turbulence to continuously nourish your cuttings in super oxygenated water. No spray jets to clog up and the water stays cool. Kit includes 2 sets of oxycerts (20 colored and 20 black), 1 OxyHead, 1 molded cover and 1 impact resistant reservoir. Black light proof materials. 90 day warranty.

The OxyCLONE was designed to re-educate you regarding everything you thought you knew about cloning.

Key Features

  • Fast, reliable, fool proof propagation
  • 20 full plant sites
  • Unique OxyHead System
  • No leaks!
  • No spray jets to clog up
  • Water stays cool
  • Massive root production
  • Can continue to grow after roots develop
  • Includes 2 full sets of OxyCerts - 1 set of black, 1 set of colored
  • Powered by the OxyHead Oxygenator System for an ideal cloning environment
  • Simple 3 minute setup instructions included

Weight: 5.3 lb.
Dimensions: 11in. × 14in. × 6in.
List Price: $65.99