Genesis Clone Gel 4oz (GEN4OZ)

Model: GEN4OZ

Genesis is the first cloning gel to obtain our auxins needed for reproducing plants by extracting them from a plant & only water!! While we brew an organic tea made from only a plant fiber and water other cloning gel and rooting compound companies extract their synthetic IBA hormone (auxins) by using a synthetic method ie; using an alcohol extraction process.

Genesis boasts 100% success rates when used in an aeroponic cloner. Genesis is made including organic honey (keep away from infants) & is GMO FREE! When Genesis is used you can expect roots in 2-5 days with ZERO wilting! Genesis uses only organic plant extracts, organic sugars & water! Some growers have reported 100% success when Genesis was just used in a glass of water.

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Weight: 0.3 lb.
Dimensions: 1.8in. × 1.8in. × 4in.
List Price: $44.99