Ez Clone Neoprene Inserts Soft (65/Bag) (706391)

Model: 706391

Specially designed for use in most aeroponic cloners, EZ-Clone Cloning Collars are manufactured from a sterile material. The collars are pre-slit for easy insertion of cuttings and are designed to hold and protect your cuttings without damaging any of the plant's delicate tissue.

  • This is the original "softer" (more pliable) version of the neoprene inserts.
  • Sold in bag quantities only.
Weight: 0.015 lb.
Dimensions: 1.5in. × 1.5in. × 1in.
List Price: $0.47
This product must be ordered in sets of 65.
A minimum order of at least 65 is required.