EZ-Clone 120 Cloning Machine (706380)

Model: 706380

The EZ-Clone 120 cloning machine is the easiest way to produce healthy clones. Its not uncommon to see roots in 5 days with 100% success. EZ-Clone cloning machines come equipped with neoprene collars to gently hold your cuttings in the mist of water and air providing an optimum environment for roots to thrive. The unit is flawlessly designed; very simple to setup, have a deep lid base for easy access, an external air intake and a leak resistant lid. Get yourself an EZ-Clone 120 and see how simple plant propagation can be!

  • Molded from ABS plastic
  • Capacity: 120 cuttings
  • Water pump: 950 gph
  • Water capacity: 11 gallons
  • Optimal water temp: 73-75 F
  • Optimal pH: 6.3
  • Dimensions: 44in x 24in x 15in


EZ-Clone cloning machines come in several sizes:

  • EZ-Clone 30 Site (706370)
  • EZ-Clone 60 Site (706375)
  • EZ-Clone 120 Site (706380)

Consider also using a cloning solution for optimal rooting during plant propagation.

Weight: 28 lb.
Dimensions: 43.5in. × 24.25in. × 14.75in.
List Price: $454.95