Botanicare - 25 Site Clone Machine (706172)

Model: 706172

The Clone Machine™ 25 & 48 are improved redesign of the 20 & 42 Site Clone Machines. It provides more clone sites in a smaller space. The compact, clean designed reservoir is made from high density poly ethylene which is more durable for longer product life.

The Clone Machine™ 25 includes a high-output submersible pump, 25 neoprene inserts, Power Clone Solution™ rooting hormone.

The Clone Machine™ 48 runs efficiently using just 6 gallons of water and utilizes a high ouput submersible pump and 48 neoprene inserts.

Weight: 11 lb.
Dimensions: 13in. × 13in. × 12in.
List Price: $171.95