General Hydroponics - AeroFlo 30 Site Aeroponic System (706035)

Model: 706035

The AeroFlo2 30 site aeroponic system offers 30 plant sites in a compact size. It also features a a full capacity 20-gallon reservoir. The General Hydroponics AeroFlo-2 30 aeroponics system gives you three 4-foot growing chambers, each with ten plant sites. It is the ideal choice for growing smaller plants such as lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, basil, and other herbs. Also works well for varieties of flowers and tomatoes which do not grow more than three feet tall.

The General Hydroponic Aeroflo2 30 systems have long been some of the most productive hydroponic systems. Taking advantage of Aero-Hydroponic nutrient delivery, the Aeroflo2 chambers provide adequate rooting space for even the most vigorous plants while super-infusing the nutrient solution with oxygen providing maximum nutrient uptake and plant growth. Tight spacings enable early flowering varieties and smaller plants to be grown, while sites can be plugged to allow more generous spacings for larger plants or those grown for a more prolonged cropping cycle. Sites not used for mature plants may also be used to start cuttings, etc.

With a 17-gallon reservoir and thirty plant sites, the AeroFlo2 30 site is perfect for those who want a high performance system, particularly well-suited to growing lettuce, basil, and other small plants up to three feet in height.

The AeroFlo2 30 dimensions are: 85" x 25.5" x 22".

This system includes:

  • 17 gallon reservoir
  • Three 6 ft. grow chambers
  • WaterPower 120 pump
  • Injection manifold
  • Support structure
  • 3" grow cups
  • CocoTek Coco cups and Hydroton
  • 3 part Flora Kit

Weight: 35.55 lb.
Dimensions: 76.5in. × 11in. × 5.5in.
List Price: $559.98