Botanicare - Aerojet 4 Tray (3 Pieces) (706075)

Model: 706075

Micro jets spray the roots of the plants allowing for aggressive growth rates from the high levels of oxygen to the root zone. Ideal for schools, research and educational facilities to monitor root system development. Preferred by advanced growers as the method of choice in hydroponic production. The Aerojet™ is powered by a high output pump providing a super-oxygenated environment to the root system. Mist continually or in micro bursts. Aerojet™ grow trays are 8” wide x 42” long with a mandatory removable lid for ease of maintenance and necessary cleaning. Each tray holds 6 each - 3.75” net pots.

Weight: 37 lb.
Dimensions: 32in. × 32in. × 32in.
List Price: $855.96