Sentinel - Module Expansion Kit (MEF-6 / MEF-EXP) (706570)

Model: 706570

Modular Expansion Kit For Sentinel MEF-1 (Adds 6 plant sites):
Easy growing module consists of a separate outer and inner molded containers that have been custom engineered. Each module can hold up to 10-liters or 2.5 gallons of growing medium. The MEF controller will flood and drain the growing modules at timed intervals. It can also be used in a "top-feed" drip configuration with a run-to-waste option.


  • Up to 48 growing "modules" can be connected to a single system.
  • Distribution reservoir monitors and distributes the water to the module.
  • High-flowing 20mm/0.75" water tubing and fittings makes for fast flood and drain times.
  • Digital controller provides a full automatic mode. Automatically times the flood & drain cycle to monitor the pumps and actives an alarm if there is a pump problem.
  • Integrated leak sensor can detect water leaks and activate an alarm. The controller also has multiple alarm modes that are user selectable.
  • The MEF system comes complete with the digital controller, the distribution reservoir, (2) high-flow pumps, (6) growing modules and all of the fittings & tubing to install the system. Purchase the appropriately sized reservoir separately. The Sentinel MEF comes standard with a 3-year warranty on the controller and a 1 year on all other components.

Expansion Kit Includes:

  • (6) 10-liter (2.5 gallon) inner grow modules
  • (6) Outer grow modules
  • (6) Outer grow module inlet fittings
  • (6) Root guard screens
  • (6) Silicone Washers
  • (4) Tee fittings
  • (2) 90 degree elbow fittings
  • (8) 20mm of 3/4" tubing
  • (6) Lock nuts
Weight: 28 lb.
Dimensions: 19.8in. × 13.4in. × 28.6in.
List Price: $144.95