SmartBee - Environmental Premier System (The Hive + LTH/CO2 sensor + Smart Strip 4) (SB100109)

Model: SB100109

The Smartbee Environmental Premier System includes all you need to get started. It includes the Hive Gateway, the combined LTH (Light Temperature Humidity) + CO2 sensor and the Stinger Smart Strip 4 (with 4 independently controlled outlets), all wirelessly connected.

The SmartBee Product line is a first of its kind, totally wireless intelligent sensor network that provides growers of all sizes with the best tools to control your crop, as well as a significant savings of time and money.

We give growers freedom and peace of mind with 24/7 remote monitoring using our SmartBee App by beaming real-time data from your grow room to your tablet or smartphone.

SmartBee Environmental Controllers

The SmartBee Environmental Controls enable you to take charge of your garden with a collection of wireless devices all working together to give you more effective control of your environment. Each component has been designed with the grower in mind, enabling you to grow your crop as you have, only smarter. The SmartBee components gather key environmental data in real-time to monitor, assess and, in many cases, proactively correct issues that could potentially ruin your production. What’s more, you can monitor and control it all from your tablet or smartphone using our SmartBee App.

Smarter Hardware

Most grow systems on the market today limit you to a set amount of devices with a noticeable drop in quality as you expand your garden. The SmartBee Control System and all SmartBee sensors communicate wirelessly, creating a mesh network which can theoretically have up to 65,000 sensors through a system comprised of a wireless control unit (The Hive Gateway), wireless sensors and remotely controlled outlets. No bus cables or Ethernet lines, just insert the sensors in your grow space for instantaneous discovery by our software. From there, simply input your settings, and let the control begin! No more crop loss due to expensive hardware that does not communicate efficiently—if at all!

With the SmartBee Control System your lighting, irrigation and atmospheric controls are all working together within a single integrated solution. The SmartBee Control system uses the ZigBee wireless communication protocol (802.15.4 ZigBee software stack) that is self-discovering, self-provisioning and self-healing – the more devices you have, the stronger the system becomes. Each sensor is designed for accurate reading and reporting of grow room data utilizing this groundbreaking wireless technology.

SmartBee Software Features:

  • Custom designed graphic user interface
  • Customizable alerts and notifications via Text Message, push, and/or Email
  • Grow room analytics including graphs and comparative analysis
  • Min, Max and Average readings for multiple sensors
  • Write and photograph observations, notes and comments
  • Build and Display Charts from your database
  • Grow Room Timer (Keeps track of days in bloom or vegetative states)
  • Timed zoned irrigation control based on water content
  • Default irrigation programs provided – based off of irrigation principles and grow medium (rockwool, soil, etc.)
  • User-defined cycle timing of irrigation control
  • And much more…

1 Year Warranty

Weight: 6.5 lb.
Dimensions: 12in. × 12in. × 12in.
List Price: $1,999.00