Growstones - Growstone 10 Qt (714235)

Model: 714235

Nothing makes your hydroponics or in soil planting stronger, healthier than Growstone Hydroponic Growth Medium and Super Soil Aerator. Their porous surface and irregular shapes help anchor roots for greater stability and growth potential.  They also help restructure soil for greater efficiency and productiveness. Growstones start out as discarded glass from the landfill. We reclaim and repurpose that glass into 100% eco-friendly Growstones that make your plants and our planet happy. Earth friendly products range from green technology building materials such as biodiverse green roofs to media for water filtration, soil enhancers for container gardeners, soiless media amendments and hydroponic growing systems.

Weight: 4.2 lb.
Dimensions: 17.5in. × 11.6in. × 4.2in.
List Price: $10.95