General Hydroponics - Ecopot 3 Pack (720309)

Model: 720309
Tired of the dirty mess filling pots? General Hydroponics is now offering their most popular 8” CocoTek® Baskets in a 3 pack prefilled with Vermicrop Organics CocoNot™. CocoTek® is 100% organic and environmentally friendly, yet very durable. The woven fibers keep the growing medium in and your growing environment clean yet still allow the air to move evenly through the root zone providing much needed oxygen and even drying. Vermicrop Organics CocoNot™ is a natural and organic substitute for coconut coir, peat moss and other soilless mediums and conditioners. CocoNot™ is made by a special 6 step process to provide a perfect ratio of grinds and pith thus providing the plant with an exact medium structure for optimal root growth and moisture capacity. Get the most out of your time and plants the easy way… Water, plant and grow!

Weight: 5.5 lb.
Dimensions: 4in. × 8in. × 1in.
List Price: $15.99