Sun System - Sun Shield For Cool Sun 6" (904470)

Model: 904470

The reflector heat shield is a sturdy, custom-fitted cover that double-insulates your existing air-cooled hood against the heat your lights generate. This results in a cooler environment, happier plants and energy savings in the form of increased A/C efficiency.

  • IR blocking and heavy duty wool insulating material custom fit to your favorite Sunlight Supply® reflectors
  • Reduce your grow room temperature.
  • Maximizes efficiency of your air-cooling by containing heat.
  • Quiets roaring air inside the reflector.
  • Soft, durable and machine washable.
  • Strong two piece construction consisting of a high quality insulating wool liner and radiant barrier fabric
  • 95% reflective.
  • Professionally made in the USA.
  • Sun Shields are intended to be used only on actively air-cooled reflectors.

See "Products Videos" on home page to see Sun Shield in use.

Weight: 0.95 lb.
Dimensions: 10.8in. × 4.6in. × 8.5in.
List Price: $59.95