Agrowtek - Grow Control GC-ProXL-Q-E Quad-Zone Controller (Climate-Only) (703106)

Model: 703106

Agrowtek's GC-ProXL-Q-E controls up to four climate zones. Same great features as GC-Pro-Q with expanded hardware to handle more sensors and relays. Includes four sensor ports, eight discrete inputs, sixteen outputs for relays and one basic climate sensor. Serial & Ethernet ports for free remote monitoring software. Up to four (4) climate zones with basic climate, lighting and timer controls (no dosing controls).


  • Low-voltage 24VDC operation
  • (16) 24VDC Programmable Outputs (expandable up to 20)
  • (8) 24VDC Programmable Switch/Digital Sensor Inputs
  • (8) Programmable Analog Sensor Channels (expandable up to 16)
  • (3) Expansion Slots for XD or XA modules
  • (4) Sensor Ports (16 analog channels)
  • Dual/Triple Zone Control
  • Powder-coated sheet metal enclosure (Wisconsin)
  • Industrial components for long life/reliability (USA)
  • Designed & manufactured in the U.S.A.!
  • Full 3-Year Factory Direct Warranty


  • Aspirated Precision Electronic Climate Sensor for Air Temperature, Relative Humidity and Light Irradiance
  • GrowControl Software and User Manuals on CD
  • 60W 24VDC UL Class II Power Supply 110-240VAC

Control Functions:

  • Lighting Timers (each with secondary delay timer)
  • Light-Flip Control for Flip Box Operation
  • Day/Night Zones/Outputs
  • Cooling/Heating/Limit Thermostats
  • Humdify/Dehumidify Humdistats
  • 24-Hour Timers
  • Standard Cycle-Timers
  • 24-Hour Scheduled Cycle Timers
  • Off-Delay Timers
  • Re-start Delay Timers
  • 24-Hour Cancel Timers
  • Hour Meters
  • CO2 Injection & Ventilation Controls w/Boost Timer

Controller Options/Add-ons:

  • (703114) AgrowTouch Color Touch Screen For GC-ProXL
  • (Included) AgrowNet Ethernet Port
  • "XD" +8 output expansion module, or
  • "XA" +2 sensor port expansion module
  • RX1 Single Relay Outlet 15A/120V
  • (703132) RX6 Six Relay Outlet 15A/120V
  • (703138) RD6 Six Dry-Contact Relays 24VDC/120VAC/5A
  • (703142) RD12 Twelve Dry-Contact Relays 24VDC/120VAC/5A

Sensor Options/Add-ons:

  • (703118) CO2 ppm sensor (installed in climate sensor)
  • (703120) Hydro Sensor Kit (pH, Conductivity, Water Temperature)
  • (703116) Aspirated Indoor Climate Sensor SNS-C
  • Outdoor weather sensors (wind, rain, temperature, etc.)
Weight: 10 lb.
Dimensions: 12.4in. × 12.2in. × 6.7in.
List Price: $2,678.00