Agrowtek - AgrowDose Quad Dosing Pump 46 ml/min (703146)

Model: 703146

AgrowDose Quad peristaltic dosing pump for nutrient and pH buffer injection with GrowControl controllers and hydroponics sensors. Four independent heavy-duty pumps in one enclosure with built-in relays for direct connection to a controller. Tubing adapters and power supply included.

Note: Dual and Quad pumps feature independent pumps in one economical, easy to install package. Built-in relays means these pumps can be connected directly to GrowControl controller outputs without any other relays!


  • 15VDC
  • 120V wall power adapter
  • Powder coated sheet metal enclosure
  • Self-Priming
  • 1 Year Warranty

Available Sizes:

  • (703144) AgrowDose Dosing Pump 46 ml/min
  • (Call For Avail.) AgrowDose Dual Dosing Pump 46 ml/min
  • (703146) AgrowDose Quad Dosing Pump 46 ml/min
Weight: 5 lb.
Dimensions: 16.2in. × 5.4in. × 5.7in.
List Price: $799.00