Root Maker 1 Gallon Round (724780)

Model: 724780

Root wrapping in containers is a serious problem as circling root systems are far from productive. In some cases, wrapped roots can actually kill plants. The RootMaker¨ containers do not allow the roots to wrap, instead, they direct the roots to air holes where they can't escape and the roots are pruned. Air pruning of roots is accomplished with the use of containers that direct the root towards air where the root tip is dehydrated. When this happens, the root branches. Next, those roots that have branched and reach the side of the container are directed to an opening and are pruned. This process is repeated again and again with the branching roots creating a fibrous root system which has more root tips. RootMaker¨ Containers also have a root directing bottom, avoiding root circling on the bottom of the container.

Weight: 0.3 lb.
Dimensions: 16in. × 16in. × 2in.
List Price: $2.49