Northwest Trellis - Ez Root Liner 1 Gallon (724883)

Model: 724883

The EZ Roots Aeration Liners are constructed of high quality non woven fabric. This fabric provides great support, while allowing air to travel into the root system. The EZ Root Liners have sturdy handles, making lifting and transporting a breeze. Using the EZ Root Liners, with the EZ Root Frames, gives you the added oxygen to the root zone, while maintaining proper support for your plant. This patent pending design allows you to move your plants without the damage that occurs with standard grow bags. EZ Root Aeration Liners are available in the following sizes: #1, #2, #3, #5 and #7.

Proper oxygen levels in the root system, helps in facilitating nutrient
uptake. The EZ Roots Aeration Frame is a heavy duty plastic frame with
engineered air entry points to introduce oxygen to the root zone. It
also provides air pruning of the roots, giving you strong lateral root
growth, while reducing thin spiraling roots. The EZ Root Aeration Frames
incorporate legs at the bottom of the frame to provide air flow under
the container. This keeps mold and pathogens from forming at the bottom
of the container from overwatering. EZ Root Aeration Frames can be used
in ebb and flow systems, as a standalone grow container or used with the
EZ Root Cloth Liner. EZ Root Aeration Frames are available in the
following sizes: #1, #2, #3, #5 and #7.

Weight: 0.05 lb.
Dimensions: 9.5in. × 8.5in. × 0.2in.
List Price: $2.24