Camopots International - Camopot Original 20 Gal (725140)

Model: 725140

Camo Pots breathable triple layer construction. Provides superior
aeration, increasing breathablity and drainage. Creating the perfect
environment to promote and accelerate root growth while enhancing the
plants stability and deterring troublesome root bound issues. The unique
construction method creates a sturdy aeration container that is UV
protected. Our original UV camo’s natural coloring works with the
environment and releases more heat than the conventional black potting
containers. The ballistic reinforced base has been specifically
developed to be durable enough to handle the stress of being moved
around from time to time while protecting the container and the plant
from damage. Camo Pots innovative design has been developed to work in
harmony with a multitude of potting mediums and mixes. Making Camo Pots
the perfect choice for all your diverse professional horticulture needs.

Weight: 0.65 lb.
Dimensions: 22in. × 12in. × 0.5in.
List Price: $11.95