Grozone - TP2 Adjustable Differential Tempstat (780101)

Model: 780101

Controls cooling or heating equipment according to a setpoint and an adjustable differential from 4F to 20F/2C to 11C. 6 foot cord with temperature sensor precise to 2F/1C. Can power 120Vac equipment up to 15 amp.

Package Includes:

  • One plug-in type module.
  • One user guide.
  • One screw kit

3 year warranty.

User Guide:

TP2 - 24h Heating Mode:

TP2 - Day Only Heating Mode:

TP2 - 24h Cooling Mode:

TP2 - Day Only Cooling Mode:

Weight: 0.69 lb.
Dimensions: 5.5in. × 5.75in. × 3.375in.
List Price: $89.95