Excel Air - Hanging Kit (EXCELHANG)


Excel Hanging Kit

Excel Air Systems hanging includes lag bolts, ready-rod, unistrut along with washers, bolts and instructions

Excel Hanging Kit Instructions

  • 1. Attach hanger bolt to ceiling or joists unit will hang from. Tighten hanger
    bolt until securely fastened.
  • 2. Take threaded ready rod and fasten one nut 1” down the ready rod. Fasten ready rod into hanger bolt until hand tight.
  • 3. Using two small wrenches tighten both nut and hanger bolt together. Repeat steps 1-3 for all four lengths of ready rod.
  • 4. Now attach one nut to the opposite end of the hanger bolt 1” from the
    bottom of the ready rod.
  • 5. Now place a washer snug against the nut, followed by the unistrut bar,
    then washer and finally a nut. Repeat step 4-5 for opposite end of unistrut, which will now create large U Bracket.
  • 6. Complete these steps for the other U Bracket. Rest Indoor Air Handler
    on hanging kit.
Weight: 25 lb.
Dimensions: 8in. × 8in. × 32in.
List Price: $130.00