Sentinel – High Amperage Contactor (HAC-30A) (904047)

Model: 904047

HAC-30A (High Amperage Controller 30 amp) is a hard wired 30 Amp capacity, 240v power relay with 110v actuation. Supply 240 volts to the input side of the relay, then hard wire appliances, junction boxes, terminal boxes or receptacles to the output side of the relay. The 15 ft. trigger cable coming from the HAC-30A is then connected to a controller, time clock, or thermostat. This allows controlling of 240 volt lighting, air conditioners, heaters, dehumidifiers, ventilation fans, water pumps etc. via Sentinel controllers (or any other 110 volt output device).

Weight: 16.25 lb.
Dimensions: 29in. × 26.5in. × 10.5in.
List Price: $159.99