PurGro Electronics - GroBot EVOLUTION Grow Room Controller Complete Kit (702704)

Model: 702704

Consistently, correctly and simply grow like a pro!  For far less than it would cost to buy separate devices, you can have the GroBot monitor and control your entire facility with any Internet-capable wireless device.

How It Works

The GroBot is an electronic device that has the sensors, injection pumps and wireless plug-in relays to run your entire grow room or greenhouse. Set your grow calendar and let your 'Bot grow the plants. Consistently, correctly and simply grow like a pro.

GroBot handles all hydroponic, ebb & flow and table systems. Don't have a Hydroponic system? Not a problem — just set up a reservoir and run your GroBot as a drain-to-waste system

in soil or buckets of Coco! Don't lose crops learning the finer points of indoor gardening — let GroBot do it all for you ...

  • Most technologically advanced CCG system in the world, hands down
  • Runs all aspects of your green room right down to mixing and injecting the nutrients
  • No extras to purchase — comes ready to go
  • No software to load, no computer to buy
  • All aerospace-grade parts, conformally coated for high humidity — no consumer electronic junk
  • 20 years internal battery power in case of a power failure
  • Fast reacting, highly accurate, aerospace-grade sensors. Responds in seconds, not minutes
  • Easier to set up than Facebook, simple Web interface and instructions on every page
  • One (1) year no hassles, no questions guarantee. You break it, we ovenight you another one

For far less than it would cost to buy separate devices, you can have the GroBot monitor and control your entire room through any Internet-capable device. Just prune your plants and refill the pump rack when needed — the Bot's got the rest of it handled.

GroBot's Web interface makes it simple to run your whole grow area from your iPhone, laptop or the nearest Starbucks ...

Monitors and Controls:

  • Lighting
  • Air and water temperature
  • Water level
  • Relative humidity
  • Nutrient injection
  • pH
  • CO2 levels
  • Drain and refill
  • Scheduled flushing and cleaning cycles
  • Eight (8) user configurable external alarms

Remotely Operated:

  • From your cell phone or laptop
  • Supports multiple web cams
  • Emails you when it needs attention

Wireless Power:

  • No cables to run
  • No electricians to call
  • Controls up to 99 external devices via 2.4GHz radio network

GroBot comes with our pump rack and four (4) 3 liter removable reservoirs, sealed peristaltic injection pumps, a circulation pump, one of our pluggable relays to run your lights, and all sensors, cabling and internal battery backup. No hidden 'gotcha' pieces you need to buy. Everything you need is in the box. GroBot comes complete and ready to grow. You'll still need to purchase lighting, nutrients, and probably get some plants, but we've got everything else covered.

Size 10.0 x 6.0 x 3.0 inches
Weight < 3 pounds
Input Sensors Air Temp
Relative Humidity

CO2 Concentration
Total Dissolved Solids (PPM)
Water Level
0 - 160 degrees F
200 - 2000 PPM
1.0 - 12.5 calibrated
0 - 2000 PPM
0-36 inches
Radio controlled plug-in relays to control almost anything!
Dosing Pumps

Comes with four (4), optionally with eight (8) pumps for nutrients, pH control and additives
Battery Backup Internal, keeps 'Bot clocks and timers running during a power outage

Weight: 10.05 lb.
Dimensions: 22in. × 16.1in. × 14.3in.
List Price: $2,990.00