Hydro Innovations - Minigen Water Cooled CO2 Generator LP (703755)

Model: 703755
The MiniGEN
is a propane fueled CO2 generator that comes with a removable heat
exchanger that allows you to use the MiniGEN with or without water
cooling. Designed for use in small gardens (10' x 10' or less), the unit
measures only 6" x 7" x 10" and can be easily installed by wall
mounting or by chain hanging. The 1,250 BTU/hr burner is operated by an
electronic ignition with no standing pilot light. The unit has an
anti-tip sensor and uses 12 volts to operate the ignition. The MiniGEN
can be used with any CO2 monitor on the market, but when paired with the
Hydro Innovations brand CO2 monitor, the result is a very safe, very
cool, and very affordable alternative to CO2 bottles.
Weight: 12.2 lb.
Dimensions: 16.7in. × 8.8in. × 9.5in.
List Price: $354.95