Hydro Innovations - Hydrogen LP To NG Conversion Kit (703750)

Model: 703750
The HydroGEN PRO is the world’s first and only water cooled CO2
generator. Water cooling can remove 86% of the heat produced by burning
propane and has many features not available in any other CO2 generator
on the market. The unit can easily be used in a closed-loop system with a
small chiller and reservoir, or you can connect directly to your home
water supply and drain to storage for reuse in your garden. Compact for
easy placement.
This optional valve (used in place of a pump) is designed to be
installed in a pressurized water line and to be controlled by your CO2
monitor. This is a high quality solid brass valve designed for years of
service. The valve has 1/2” NPT outlets that can be used with your
existing plumbing or you can install on ½” hose barbs to make the
connection. You will need either a pump or a valve but not both. 1 Year
Weight: 0.15 lb.
Dimensions: 5.5in. × 4in. × 2.4in.
List Price: $79.95