Phresh Filter - Phresh Inline Filter 12in (701190)

Model: 701190

Carbon filters are no longer just for the ends of your air filtration
system. Now they can be installed “in-line” like the lights and fans. It
is the same Phresh® Carbon Filter users’ trust, built into an air
conserving body. Point to point air movement and filtration. Phresh®
Inline Filters are state of the art carbon filters that practically
scour the air to clean it of dust, foreign particulates, organic
compounds and odors. Phresh® Inline Filters are twice as light and last
twice as long. Phresh® In-Line FIlters are perfect for the following

  • Grow tents, cupboards and cabinets.
  • Anywhere without a roof/ceiling cavity to displace extracted air into.
  • Air-cooled lighting.
  • Lower-level floors of double/triple story houses.
  • Window to window ventilation applications.
  • Hot or cold “filtered air transfer” from one air conditioned room to another.

Weight: 58 lb.
Dimensions: 40in. × 16in. × 16in.
List Price: $429.95