Ideal-Air - Mini Split Air Conditioner 24000 BTU 13 SEER (700891)

Model: 700891

  • Completely pre charged units and line set for the do it yourself installation, no service technician required
  • Flexible stainless steel refrigerant line set.
  • Auto restart in the event of a power failure.
  • Energy efficient 13 Seer ductless mini split air conditioners.
  • Includes wall mount bracket for the outdoor unit.
  • 49° to 105° outside air operating temperatures.
  • Minimum temperature setting 60°
  • Outdoor unit 45 dba 
  • Weight 85 lbs
  • Outdoor unit dimensions, 35” long X 28” tall X 13” deep
  • Indoor unit dimensions,40” long X 10” deep X 10” tall

All Ideal-Air Air Conditioners need surge protection. In the event of a
power failure, a spike in voltage may occur when the power is
reinstated. This can damage the circuit board which is not covered under
the warranty.

Weight: 130 lb.
Dimensions: 35in. × 43in. × 44in.
List Price: $1,995.95