About Hydroponics

Top Ten Reasons to Use Hydroponics:

  1. Quicker growth - plants get everything they need, when they need it and they can focus all our energy on growing. So you get bigger plants more quickly.
  2. Greater yield – get typically three times as many tomatoes, chillies, strawberries, or whatever it is you want to grow.
  3. Stronger, healthier plants – there's no soil so the risk of soil-born pests and diseases is significantly reduced.
  4. Worry-free growing – no risk of under or over-watering, and many systems can be automated.
  5. Clean hands and feet – no more messy watering and no more treading soil into your home. So you don't have to blame the cat/dog/children.
  6. Less backbreaking work – no more digging, no heavy lifting. You don't have to work the soil in a hydroponic system because there is no soil. Typically a hydroponic system is raised up a few feet so no need to be hunched over as you tend your garden.
  7. More cost effective – Hydro systems last a lifetime and all the nutrients and water are used by your plants – not wasted on soil or evaporated away.
  8. More spice – they say variety is the spice of life and you can grow many different plants in a single hydro system.
  9. More fun for longer – Hydroponic gardening is one of the best ways to grow fresh vegetables year round. It is also a great alternative for growing a variety of plants in smaller spaces, such as indoors. By growing indoors however you can avoid several environmental problems such as insects and other pests such as squirrels and birds that want your tasty veggies too! Heavy rain, strong wind, or excessive heat that damages your plants aren’t a concern either when growing indoors.
  10. Grow more in less space – In a hydroponic garden nutrients are pumped directly to the plants, so you can grow plants closer together. This is made possible because the plants roots do not have to compete for water and nutrients.

What is hydroponics?

In practice all hydroponics really means is all the nutrient minerals that a plant needs to live are added to the water in the form of a complete nutrient package and the plant can grow healthy without soil. Once the nutrients are in the water, there is no longer any need for the root environment to have any other properties other than good oxygen, moisture content and drainage for good root development. This effectively means that all of the plants nutritional requirements are met by the introduction of water based feed rather than from soil. Growing hydroponically generally delivers 30%-50% extra yield with much faster growth rates than alternative growing methods. A typical crop turnaround period (from cutting to harvest) is between 12-14 weeks.