Sentinel - Liquid Propane (LP) Intelligent CO2 Generator (ICG-30LP) (703214)

Model: 703214

Sentinel GPS ICG-30 LP Intelligent CO2 Generator - smarter controls for smarter gardeners!

Introducing the new Sentinel GPS ICG-30 Intelligent CO2 Generator available in Propane or Natural Gas configurations.

Although designed to work with the new Sentinel Intelligent CO2 Enrichment (S.I.C.E.) with patented interface, the ICG-30 Intelligent CO2 Generator is fully compatible with older Sentinel products like the CHHC-4, CPPM-4, recycle timers or even competitor environmental controller units much in the same way as the Sentinel VCG-27. The user has the ability to pre-program the ICG-30 Intelligent CO2 Generator burner assembly to operate in 3 configurations from low output to high output every time the unit is activated ... smarter controls for smarter gardeners!

All electronics, valves and gas fittings are enclosed in a heavy-duty, powder coated steel frame for unmatched durability.


  • Variable multi-mode CO2 outputs up to over 27 cubic feet per hour
  • New Sentinel proprietary stainless steel, low-NOX burner assembly is cleaner and more efficient than ANY CO2 generator
  • Sentinel Intelligent ignition and control module eliminates open pilot flames and provides for maximum safety
  • Tip-over switch automatically shuts off unit
  • Advanced, multi-stage solenoid valve provides consistent operation and redundant safety
  • Unit comes complete with appropriate gas valve and hose assembly
  • RoHS compliant for environmental friendliness
  • Absolutely the most advanced CO2 generator available today!


C02 Cu Ft/Hour Output Mode 1 10.6
C02 Cu Ft/Hour Output Mode 2 21.2
C02 Cu Ft/Hour Output Mode 3 31.8
Burner Output BTUIHR (kw) Model 9,000 BTU (2.6 kw)
Burner Output BTUIHR (kw) Mode2 18,000 BTU (5.3 kw)
Burner Output BTUIHR (kw) Mode3 27,000 BTU (7.9 kw)
Gas pressure ll"WC (2.8 kpa)
Dimensions 15.7"(40cm) x 9.8"(25cm) x 19.7(50cm)
Weight 25.1 lbs.(ll.4 kg)
Voltage Requirements 24V DC <500mA max / <40mA Standby

Weight: 28 lb.
Dimensions: 15.7in. × 9.8in. × 19.7in.
List Price: $559.95