Titan Controls Selene 1 (CO2) Carbon Dioxide Generator (902516)

Model: 902516

Using Carbon Dioxide (CO2) with hydroponics has been scientifically proven to improve plant yields and growth. Increasing CO2 levels to more optimal levels (1000 ppm to 2000 ppm) can increase growth and yields by as much as 35-50%!

Titan Controls products are made from the most durable materials in order to deliver reliably optimal function over a long lifetime. The ease of use and dependability are what makes Titan Controls a leader in hydroponic technology! Products created for our industry, by our industry. What's more, Titan backs its products with an industry-leading 3 year warranty!

The Selene 1 is for use in small-to-medium sized grow spaces (300 sq ft or less). This CO2 generator system includes 4 burners and includes brass plugs to reduce or increase CO2 production, as needed. The Selene 1 CO2 generator comes with:

  • 12 foot LP rated hose with POL fitting
  • 120 Volt A/C power adapter
  • #4 ceiling hook
  • steel chain to hang the Selene
  • hex wrench and a spare burner plug

All you need is a liquid propane (LP) tank and you’re ready to grow!


  • Four (4) burners – Adjustable from 5,588 BTU’s to 11,176 BTU’s.
  • Electronic Spark Ignition (ESI)– No pilot light necessary.
  • Safe, reliable and easy to operate.
  • Saves money vs. bottled CO2.
  • Safety “tip-over” switch shuts down LP gas to Selene 1 in case the CO2 generator falls or gets knocked over.
  • Natural Gas (NG) conversion kits available from your Authorized dealer.
  • Only the highest quality components are used.
  • 2 Amps/120 Volts/60 Hz.
  • 3 year warranty.
Weight: 19 lb.
Dimensions: 13in. × 11in. × 10in.
List Price: $457.95