Whitmire - 1600 X-Clude Formula 2 - 20oz (704568)

Model: 704568

1600 X-Clude® Formula 2 is a microencapsulated, time release insecticide packaged in a ready-to-use aerosol canister labeled for resale to retail consumers and interiorscapers. Labeled for use in hobby greenhouses, homes, interiorscapes and landscapes on potted and flowering plants, foliage, bedding plants, cut flowers and ornamentals. 1600 X-Clude® Formula 2 effectively controls ants, aphids, beetles, fungus gnats, spider mites, mealybugs, whiteflies and more than 20 other target insects. Test or spot spray plants before activating a total release is recommended.


Whitmire - Micro-Gen Pro Control Plus Tr 6oz (704595)

Model: 704595

Pro-Control Plus® Total Release Insecticide is a ready-to-use, ultra low volume insecticide fogger that controls a wide variety of insects. Labeled for use in greenhouses, apartments, basements, non-food areas of commercial building, houses, office buildings, sheds, or storage areas. Apply on bedding plants, cut flowers, flowering hanging baskets, foliage, potted flowering plants and ornamentals. Pro-Control Plus® controls thrips, whiteflies, scale, aphids, spiders, ants and more. See label for additional insects controlled. One 6 oz. can treats up to 5,000 cu. ft.


Whitmire - Micro-Gen Sensor Yellow Monitoring Cards (704560)

Model: 704560

Superior, Post-Trap glue will not stick to your hands.
Gridded for easy reading.
Easy to remove covers.
Durable, long lasting.
Non-sticky edge.
Catches winged aphids, leafminer adults, thrips, whiteflies, fungus gnat adults, shore flies, fruit flies, leafhoppers and other flying insects.
Sold in pack quantities only.

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