pH/EC/TDS Meters & Solutions

HM Digital - HydroMaster Continuous pH/EC/TDS/Temp Monitor HM-500 (716147)

Model: 716147

HydroMaster Digital tester makes monitoring water easier than ever by reading the levels that matter most and providing accurate readings that you can depend on. Continuous pH/EC/TDS/Temp monitor with rechargeable battery. Portable, wall mount or benchtop use. Tests pH at a range of 0 pH-14 pH, temperatures from 30°F-176°F, TDS from 0-9999 ppm and EC from 0-9999 μS. Stores up to 20 measurement readings, so you can monitor changes over time. LCD touch-type screen with auto backlighting. Includes a rechargeable lithium ion battery.


Autogrow Systems - Intellidose Controller (AA-3101-001)

Model: AA-3101-001

The IntelliDose set the industry standards for auto dosing! The IntelliDose will dose up to a 8 part blend (nutrients, additives, pH adjuster), maintaining your preset EC and pH settings. Here are a few of the many features:

Super easy to use! The large, interactive screen allows you to easily maneuver between calibrating, set points, alarms and configuration. If you can program a number into a cell phone, you can program your IntelliDose.


Bluelab - pH Up 1 Gallon (716346)

Model: 716346

Our new pH Up and pH Down solutions can be used undiluted with the Bluelab pH Controller and Bluelab pH Controller Connect. They're manufactured with premium quality acid/alkali concentration.

Shipped as hazardous material. Only ships freight/LTL.

Not for sale in the following location(s): AK, AL, AR, DE, HI, IA, ID, KS, LA, MN, MS, MT, ND, NE, SD, UT, WV, WY


Future Harvest - Future Harvest Grow Boss - Nutrient Monitor (716367)

Model: 716367

The Nutradip® GrowBoss is a nutrient monitoring system that assists growers in achieving maximum results for their growing efforts. The GrowBoss is a constant monitoring meter that indicates to the grower the exact levels of nutrient strength, pH and temperature. This allows the grower to adjust and optimize each parameter as the crop progresses through each growth cycle. The Growboss display receives information from three input devices each monitoring and measuring specific parameters within the nutrient solution.


Milwaukee - Replacement Probe SE220 (MA911B) (716666)

Model: 716666

pH Probe with Double Junction. Comes with 1 meter cable, soaker bottle for storage and is KCL3.5 gel filled, hard epoxy shell, BNC connector & is for all general pH use. Replacement for all MW & old style SM pH units. NOTE: This probe replaces the old MA911B/1.


Milwaukee - SM 401 Portable TDS Meter (716655)

Model: 716655

TDS monitor, range:0-1990 ppm with 1 point manual calibration and automatic temperature compensation. Supplied with MA811D/1 TDS probe, 9 volt battery and 20 ml 1382 ppm packet buffer solution and screwdriver for calibration.


BlueLab - pH Controller - Connect (716343)

Model: 716343

Our brainy pH controller connect constantly monitors and fine-tunes the pH levels for you. But more than that, it wirelessly data logs to your computer too, putting continuous information at your fingertips. Use the data to make system changes faster for the ultimate crop. You can also change the settings from your PC. One Bluelab Connect Stick is required, sold separately. Local and cloud data logging capability (download free Bluelab Connect Software). Option to view data and current status remotely via Google Docs™. For use with reservoirs up to 200 US gal/760 L.


BlueLab - pH Controller (716342)

Model: 716342

Hands-free monitoring and dosing of solution pH levels. Our clever pH controller automatically monitors and fine-tunes the pH levels for you. You simply set it, and forget. The pH is taken care of. For use with reservoirs up to 200 US gal/760 L. Plant-safe green back lit LCD with adjustable brightness and large, easy to read display. Easy to navigate menu to program, adjust settings and calibration by a simple push of a button. Flashing high/low alarm with control lockouts to protect from over-dosing. Auto resume dosing on restart after power loss.


BlueLab - Guardian Monitor Connect (716484)

Model: 716484

The Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect is not only a constant indicator of the desired levels of pH, conductivity and temperature of your nutrient solution, it also data logs these critical parameters to your computer for you. It does not stop there. You can access the data via the cloud from a remote mobile device or computer to check for extreme variances to ensure these critical parameters are hitting the mark for crop success. Just one Bluelab Connect Stick is required to receive wireless data from one or more Guardian Monitor connects.


BlueLab - Connect Stick (716486)

Model: 716486

The Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect, Bluelab Connect Stick, Bluelab Connect Range Extender and Bluelab Connect Software. The Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect can connect wirelessly to a computer at the grow site via the Bluelab Connect Stick, which enables the data logging of pH, Conductivity and Temperature to the FREE Bluelab Connect Software, downloadable online. The logged information is viewed on a computer and can also be accessed remotely via the cloud from a mobile device or other computer, allowing the grower to view the status of the grow system 24 hours a day.

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